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Passionate night, intricate poses, silk sheets and expensive lingerie - that's what distinguishes elite courtesan from usual women and s brothel. In the arsenal of these prostitutes are all sorts of toys that allow to implement any erotic fantasies of clients:


  • anal plug - a special tool that can give the feeling naughty and get a new kind of orgasm;
  • Strap - toys for men who are afraid to admit their desires constant mistresses and wives;
  • sex swing - such adult attraction, you will always be surprised;
  • dildo fisting - special feeling man will experience when the big fist will break the female flesh.


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Sex without taboos with elite confused


Housewife in Kotelniki work round the clock. They like men, and can not imagine their life without a bright orgasm. These ladies are ready to open up to you. They are not afraid of bright light because they are confident in their attractiveness and sexuality. Also, these courtesans are not afraid to experiment.


His clients elite prostitutes are found only in expensive hotel rooms. You will enjoy a luxurious decoration and maintenance of the full program. These women can not only efficiently spend the night or day. They are ready to make the company during a business trip or a weekend by the sea. With these ladies are not ashamed to appear in public, at the same time you provide the best sexual intercourse every night.


Sex on the highest level available every self-respecting man. Enough to go to brothels, it is time to "love" itself, and the woman in the luxurious apartments of the city. Only then you can feel their status and importance.